Asbestos inspection

Purchasing a home is most likely to be the biggest single investment one will make in his or her lifetime. Don't get stuck owning someone else's asbestos problem, know exactly what your buying, before you buy it. The majority of home buyers now understand the health risks associated with exposure to airborne asbestos fibre and the importance of having their potential home inspected by a qualified professional for the presence of asbestos, prior to "Closing the Deal". The cost of a pre-inspection for asbestos in relation to the cost of remediation, is minimal. Residential homes built prior to the mid 1980's have the potential to contain asbestos containing products that were commonly incorporated into the building's design and construction in some shape or form. Asbestos containing materials in a home can include insulations on hot water heating boilers and piping, insulating papers on ductwork, attic and wall cavity insulation commonly known as Vermiculite, plaster, drywall joint compound, ceiling and wall textures, vinyl floor tiles, exterior siding and roofing materials just to name a few. "Designated Substances" such as asbestos can be successfully remediated or managed without risk to your health, only within a controlled environment and when conducted by professionals. 

If you encounter Asbestos in your home or building do not disturb it, and never attempt to remove it yourself!

Asbestos (did you know?)

Asbestos in Ontario has been deemed a "Designated Substance" by the "Ontario Ministry of labour" and is required by law to strictly adhere to "Ontario Regulation 278/05" when managing asbestos. This regulation was designed and implemented to protect building occupants and workers from the recognized health risks associated to asbestos exposure.

That buildings constructed prior to the mid 1980's potentially have asbestos containing building materials incorporated into their design and construction.

"Vermiculite" used as a cavity filling insulation for walls and attic spaces as far back as the early 1900's was installed by contractors and DIY homeowners. The material itself does not contain asbestos, but may have been contaminated with asbestos fibre during the mining and packing process. It can go undetected, usually because it is concealed within the wall cavity, or in an attic space is usually covered by other insulating material.

An estimated 3000 different asbestos containing products were manufactured. 

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